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I DJed for Magical Nights DJ Services from 2000 to 2007. Unlike the image you normally have of a DJ I really don't fit that. I'm not the sort of person you'd see at a night club or a bar. You'd find me at weddings, sweet sixteens, high school dances and even 50th wedding anniversaries! I've gained a lot of experience in mainstream music when at this job. While my rhythm skills are nothing to brag about, I can look at a crowd of people and find a way to make them the largest ratio of them dance as much of the time as possible. Don't get me wrong though, at 90% of the high school homecomings, I blasted sandstorm.

During my time DJing, I wasn't simply a DJ I also performed other functions as well as engineering tasks. I was the main lighting engineer. I was the primary technician on all of the company's equipment. I repaired all of the equipment quickly and correctly. I engineered a DMX-512 lighting controller as well as computer software to operate it. I developed a balanced master output and filter system for a DJ deck. I also developed the music list software used by all of the DJs (as of 2008).

A picture of me at a wedding; July 2006

Mount Hebron High School Class Night 2004

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