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I am a co-author of the Mercury Game Engine ( SF Page ). It's a multi-threadded, multi-platform general engine and framework with an emphasis on games. I worked on mercury with Joshua Allen since August 2005. I worked on it using tools and began to interact with a few more part-timers, introducing them to the system and aiding them in their addition of code to our code base. Joshua Allen and I designed the general flow of the engine as well as learned how to utilize all libraries we currently have in Mercury. I worked primarily with the general environment and code support systems. I produced a number of systems for it, including but not limited to:
  • Functional macro implementation
  • Wrote a plain text command tween interpreter
  • Rewriting the STL's string, vector and deque to operate quickly
  • Writing centralized file managers to seamlessly integrate archives, direct and net
  • Wrote numerous self-registering systems, input, objects, image loaders
  • Developed a factory-pattern for most in-game objects
  • Ported a crash-handling system
  • Developed input systems
  • Developed a UI system called "copper"
  • Developed a weighted-vertex quaternion bone animation system
  • During my time on Mercury, I became knowledgeable in the following libraries:
  • zLib
  • libjpeg
  • libpng
  • ODE
  • General Windows API
  • OpenGL
  • SDL

  • Screen Shot from Mercury on the FPS demo Oct 20, 2006

    Screen Shot from Mercury on the title screen showing copper UI Nov 8, 2006

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